Competency Mapping & Competency Model

Come Again ? What are Competencies ?

Nahr competency model has helped a lot of individuals in their own development. We are one of the very few consultants to have successfully implemented technical competencies assessment and development.

  • Competencies are universal descriptions of the behavior or actions needed to successfully perform within a particular context.
  • Competencies are progressively more applied crosswise human resource functions to drive both employee and corporate performance.
  • Employees learn, develop and refine many of their competencies over the course of their careers.

Competencies are used to:

  • Explain the organization’s plan and goals into accepted employee behavior
  • Identify areas for employee development that are directly linked to desired outcomes and organizational objectives
  • Target training monies into areas that will realize the most return on investment (ROI)
  • Identify gap between present skills and future requirements

Other physical benefits

  • Recruitment process
  1. Define the selection criteria based on the available and required skills
  2. Decide the evaluation areas for prospective candidates
  3. Resolve the number of resources needed
  4. Decrease hiring costs


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Management Solutions Consulting

We have now finished compiling the results of this year’s candidate analysis,detailing the employment agencies you’ve had the best experiences of using, the job boards and newspapers you read most often and so on.Plenty of insights and useful data for both management solutions consulting candidates and management solutions consulting similar. We are  always being asked for recommendations of recruiters that candidates should talk through – so here’s a perfect list as selected for by you the Nahr management solutions consulting readership.


  • Aviva Life Insurance
  • Birla Sunlife
  • ING Vysya
  • Jai Bharat Maruti
  • Sparrow Interactive Limited


  • Ferrero Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Fil Industries


  • Adidas
  • Aryan Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.
  • Levis
  • Reebok


  • Brickred Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Canon India
  • Hindustan Computers Limited
  • India Prepaid Services
  • Interra Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Keane India Ltd.
  • Lason India
  • Nagarro Software
  • Newgen Technologies
  • Perot Systems India
  • RBS (Royal Bank Of Scotland)
  • Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd.
  • Sapient Corporation
  • Xansa India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Xchanging India


  • ICICI Infotech
  • Singapore Computer Systems Ltd.
  • SSDN Innovations Pte. Ltd


  • DS Construction Ltd.
  • Escorts Ltd.
  • Holtec Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  • KEI Industries Ltd.
  • Loesche India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd.


  • Aman Resorts
  • India Habitat Centre
  • Marriot
  • Nirula’s
  • The Oberoi
  • The Grand
  • Vipullang O’Rourke


  • Auto World, UAE
  • Auto Zone, UAE
  • Parts House, UAE
  • Vkool, UAE, Kuwait and Oman
  • Ghannam Auto World
  • Ghannam Spare Parts
  • Ghannam Tires
  • Kuwait Auto Parts Imports Co, Kuwait
  • Auto-parts International, Oman

NA Human Resource Solution
317, Vasant Enclave
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Phone: 91-11-41675581
Call Us 91-11-41675582 , 91-11-41675583
Fax: 91-11-41675580
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Why Do an HR Audit

NAHRS Human Resource Management Solution is one of peak company in Delhi and NCR which offer the all service of human resource for the organization.Currently NAHRS are offering the package of HR Audit.In term of NAHRS HR Audit mean by which an organization can calculate where it currently stands and determine what it has to do to improve its human resources.

It involves methodically reviewing all part of human resources normally in a checklist manner, ensuring that administration regulations and company policies are being adhered to.Our skilled and specialist professionals are tacit you association require for hr audit and give the top solution for improve Why Do an HR Audit

  • To review administrative rule & regulations
  • To cover the effective use of human resources
  • To keep or increase the organizations
  • To instill a sense of self-confidence in management and the human resources function that it is well managed and prepared to meet prospective challenges.

To know more about HR Audit URL: –

NA Human Resource Solution Pvt. Ltd. | New Delhi-110057 | Call Us 91-11-41675582,


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HRD Audit for Organization

Traditionally audits have played a major role in ascertaining losses and gains for an organisation and have also been able to keep a check on the practices of the organisational systems. It also has helped organisations in improving their systems and processes. HR Audit largely plays the same role.

HRD Audit helped the organisations in ascertaining where they stand with respect to the HR practices in the organisation. It also lays emphasis on focus areas in HRD where the impact on people could be maximum, in improving employee morale as well as achieving organisational objectives.

Any HRD Audit must have a strategic perspective and all HR Systems must be evaluated based on their impact on achieving the objectives of the organisation. HRD Audit is a growing concept in India and it initially faced resistance from the HR departments themselves as they thought it is going to highlight what they have not been able to achieve. However, the purpose of doing the HRD Audit is strategic and developmental. It audits the various HR Systems and sub-systems and identified strengths and weaknesses of the organisation.

HRD Audit is not just a pen and paper exercise of giving scores to various HR Systems and sub-systems but it also involves focussed group discussions etc which are interactive, provide a vent to the feelings of the employees and attaches emotions to the systems.  Interactions also help in clarifying stated dissatisfactions or satisfactions and employee’s participation can be sought in improving these systems.

HRD Audit is only a statement of facts, not intended to reward or punish people. Its purpose is to get better on a continuous basis. It works as a mirror and helps us as HR professionals to gear up for larger challenges, bring a strategic perspective to our working, bring focus in our approach and develop our organisation towards achieving its business objectives.


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Psychometric Testing and Psychometric Profiling Services

Psychometric exactly means measurement of the mind (psycho = mind, metric = measurement).Psychometric tests are standardised tests calculated by psychologists to evaluate mental act. They help to recognize your latent and personality. Employers use psychometric tests as part of their recruitment process to help determine whether a candidate is suitable for a particular role.

Psychometric tests frequently consist of multiple-choice questions. They tests will either be paper-based or computer-based tests.The two main types of psychometric tests used in employment selection are:
•    Aptitude/ability tests
•    Personality questionnaires

Come again? is psychometric testing? A simple definition lies in the expression ‘psychometrics’ itself: psycho means to do with the mind, while metrics means to do with measurement. So, we are looking at ways to measure things relating to the mind.
Psychometric testing is normally used to notice how good someone is at a exacting skill, such as verbal or numerical reasoning. This is diverse to the related part of psychometric profiling which is used to “make a picture” of any an person or a side, such as identifying their ideals, character type or professional interests.
We have grouped these two types of psychometrics mutually on our ‘Psychometric testing’ page; you can tick the names of the tests or profiles to find out more about the background to apply them in .
Once  we submit to ‘psychometric testing’ or ‘psychometric assessment’ it can mean using tests, profiles or a mixture of the two to form a deeper considerate, such as a candidate’s job correctness. Take for example a client services agent who will need to decide client complaints; they’ll need arithmetical logic skills, interpersonal skills, the aptitude to think fast and to work exactly.Well planned psychometric assessment would be able to judge an individual’s compatibility with these necessities by in view of all these areas, as well as ‘weighting’ them as right.

We provide a range of psychometric testing and profiling services (which include not only internationally branded tools like 16PF, MBTI, FIRO-B, Belbin etc but also miscellaneous industry and job specific tools) for the purpose as under:
•    As a part of Hiring & Selection System
•    To Assess Cultural Fit in Campus Recruitments
•    To Support Training and Development System
•    To Appraise Potential For Promotion and Transfer
•    To Assess Individual’s Compatibility in Given Team
•    To Assess Person-Organization (P-E) Fit and
•    Person-Position (P-P) Fit
Benefits to the organization 
•    Controlled Rate of Employee Turnover
•    Reduced Hiring Errors, More Precise Hiring Decisions
•    Cost Effective Hiring
•    Reduced Training Cost
•    Greater Efficiency and Effectiveness in Promotion and Transfer Decisions
•    Greater Team Productivity
•    Improved Employee Morale
•    Higher Degree of Employee Involvement
So, what are psychometric tests used for?
Psychometrics, and their use for testing, profiling and assessment,are a fact of life in many organisations these days.

•    They are used for recruitment and the selection process, alongside other assessment methods to explore the match between the candidate and the role.
•    For career guidance such and interests and values inventories
•    For assessing suitability for promotion of assignment.
•    To identify training and development needs.
•    To provide information for use in coaching,such as helping an individual understand their strengths and development areas in order to facilitate personal learning and growth.
•    For succession planning, to assess and develop future talent and leadership potential.
To know more about the Psychometric Testing and Psychometric Profiling Services
Nahrs Human resource

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NAHR – Human Resource Management Solution

HRMS Human Resource Management Solution and Human Resource Consulting Provides Job Consultants in Delhi Psychometric Testing and Profiling Services Human Resource Consulting and Performance Management System India.

HRMS Human Resource Management Solution and Human Resource Consulting Provides Job Consultants in Delhi Psychometric Testing and Profiling Services Human Resource Consulting and Performance Management System India

If you would like more information about NA Human Resource Solution and the promising ways that I could help your business, visit the website at

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NAHRS Human Resource Management Solution in Delhi,India

NAHRS is a Delhi-based complete Human Resource solution provider in various sectors like Cement, Sports, FMCG, Retail, Engineering and Hospitality that adds value to its clients by establishing, fine-tuning and restructuring HR systems. We help companies manage their  total HR and employee costs, enhance HR services, and develop their workforces.

Our service includes

  • Performance Management System
  • Job Evaluation
  • Competency Mapping & Assessment
  • Executive Coaching
  • Recruitment,Psychometric Profiling
  • HR Audit
  • Organizational Developement / Intervention
  • Training
  • HR Systems etc.

Any human resource management process must spin around a system that encompasses its all other systems.We have found competency mapping & assessment a system around which all other systems can be built. For example, once the competencies are mapped, recruitments, appraisals, Training Needs Identification, Performance Management System etc can all be linked to the same bringing uniformity in all its systems and a focused approach in the HR department of the organisation. Ultimately the most important KRA of any HR professional is talent development which is basically development of its competencies.

HRMS Human Resource Management Solution and Human Resource Consulting Provides Job Consultants in Delhi Psychometric Testing and Profiling Services Human Resource Consulting and Performance Management System India

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